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  • You can home school anywhere.
  • Parents are the most qualified teachers.
  • Home schoolers score higher than their public school counterparts.
  • Home schoolers are socially superior in their community involvement.
  • There has never been a better time to home school!


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Novi Christian School
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In office hours by appointment only

For your convenience a secure dropbox is located inside the entrance of the building

Tuition prices have changed effective September 1, 2012.

Are you concerned about economic struggles?
Can't keep your child in a private school but don't want them in public school either?

Or do you want to take your child out of public school but can't afford private school?
Have you considered Home Education?

Families can home school their child and have official records kept for as low as

It's true, and we can help.



The Graduation Requirements for the class of 2012 and beyond will be changing.

Vocational Status will require 22 credits

General Status will require 24 credits

Honors' Status will require 28 credits

All credits must be in specific subjects for each status.

Though it is not a requirement at this point, we highly recommend all families apply these requirements for graduation immediately.

The new requirements will take effect May 1st of 2012.