Novi Christian School together with McGuffey Academy International NOW MERGED with Westland Christian Academy!

We are pleased to announce that Novi Christian School and McGuffey Academy International have merged with Westland Christian Academy.

A Letter from the Director

November 1, 2016
Novi Christian School Together with McGuffey Academy International
34033 Palmer Rd
Westland, Michigan 48186
Phone: (734) 326-3581
Fax: (734) 326-3352
Families of Novi Christian School and McGuffey Academy International,
We are excited to announce that our program is merging with Westland Christian Academy! They are a nationally accredited Christian school and homeschool located in southeastern Michigan that offers a wider range of opportunities and resources for homeschoolers. 
Rest assured we are working to make sure that the transition is as seamless and easy as possible for everyone! I will be personally supporting the process, behind the scenes, to ensure the new administration is ready to continue meeting all of your needs. The new Administrator is Carol Enersen. Please send all your future communications to the new contact information above in the header.
If you need to get a hold of me for any reason, I will still be available through the old email address and the old phone number until December 1, 2016, to help with any other questions you may have with the transition.
What all this means will be different for each individual. All students currently enrolled in 10th grade and up, will have the option to finish out their high school career through NCS or MAI or may choose to enroll through any of the programs offered by WCA. 
Students in NCS or MAI will continue under all the same guidelines and policies as before. This includes the same pricing, using the same forms and following the same procedures as indicated in our handbook. They would be able to graduate through and receive a diploma from their enrolled school (NCS or MAI) and also may participate in the graduation ceremony held at Westland Christian Academy for all three schools together. The only changes are in administration and contact information. 
All students in 9th grade and under will be able to finish out the rest of this year’s enrollment as planned through NCS or MAI under all the same guidelines and policies as before. This includes the same pricing, using the same forms and following the same procedures as indicated in our handbook. The only changes for this current enrollment will be in administration and contact information. 
For future enrollments you will be offered the opportunity to enroll through the program opportunities WCA has to offer. They provide several options for homeschoolers, such as on campus classes, as well as a variety of programs and benefits for homeschoolers.
Another one of the huge blessings with merging with WCA is their willingness and ability to obtain and maintain the records from NCS and MAI going into the future. This ensures all students can obtain their records, such as diplomas and transcripts, if and when needed for future schooling and employment.
We have been greatly blessed by the Lord to have 40 years of providing families with a faith based, God centered education. We are so thrilled that WCA provides this same level of commitment to serving God in this way.
I attempted to reach everyone personally but may have missed a few of you. I wanted you all to know how much your loyalty has meant to us and our school over the years and I will miss working with everyone!
Bethany Loe
Director of Home Education